1949 Sugar Rush

From a 1949 recipe booklet for Crisco vegetable shortening.

Vegetable shortening was considered to be desirable because it didn’t have the pork flavor of the lard used on the farm. Now it’s all olive oil.

We used do all of this, the decorative plates, the lace doilies, and fresh flower centerpieces. The dish on the right I can’t figure out. The center is veal stew with cubed meat, celery, and carrots. The instructions say “Serve in rice ring if desired.” but no directions for how to make that. And the peaches around the edge match the plates AND the centerpiece, but peaches with veal stew? I suspect no one stopped to think about whether it could be eaten.

In fact, it reminds me of the Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974 blog. If you can read those without laughing, you probably need to play some of the drinking games from the Housewives’ Tarot blog.

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  1. canehan Says:

    My wife and her niece have just joined the local WeivghtWatchers. I was rather sceptical of it as just a moneymaking outfit, and am surprised how much common sense there is in their rules and (at least for my wife) how it is working. Curiously, some people are there to put on weight, my wife says.

  2. Nijma Says:

    My aunt has done Weightwatchers for years and swears by it. She looks great. She said it was expensive but you can just go once and get the information. When she starts to feel overweight she just starts using the diet again.

    I once saw one of those meetings posted on campus email, got there late, but when I talked the the guy he was just selling a book that cost $69. Of course I saw a weightwatchers book later in a second hand shop for 25¢ and acquired it, but in the introduction it said the meals could be prepared in less than an hour. If they had decreased that by another 55 minutes I might have looked at more of the recipes. They looked like a huge amount of trouble.

    My dad has a different theory. He says you won’t lose the weight unless you pay the money. Sometimes I can’t tell when he’s serious. I suppose that’s a way of saying the actual plan isn’t as important as the amount of dedication expended in following it.

    When I moved to Jordan I lost 40 lbs. in the first three months, maybe 60 pounds total. I suppose it was the water.

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