Riding the storm out

The weather outside is frightful: Blizzard Warning, Lakeshore Flood Warning, US Severe Weather Warning, and Active Notice Local Storm Report.

A couple of hours ago, the wind started gusting strong enough to shake the windows and create a draft through the double panes. Usually I’m very toasty in my front room overlooking the street, but tonight the wind has changed from its usual westerly direction, and is coming from the northeast.

My landlady went shopping earlier today, so we have plenty of Provisions in anticipation of the storm. It’s a Polish neighborhood (except for the Mexicans, Greeks, Arabs, blacks, and me) so she was able to get some nice Polish Krakus ham. Unfortunately I’m out of Australian port and have also sipped the last of the Courvoisier, so I will either have to concoct something with spiced rum or just drink milk.

There’s no moon, but you can see by the street light the snow is coming down heavier and heavier as the evening wears on.

Above the kitchen sink, the snow clings to the window.

No cheery fireplace, but for appointments I have adopted the black leather upholstery and overflowing books that made my undergraduate mentor’s place so comfortable, thrown in the textiles and lamps of Inara’s shuttlecraft on the Serenity (Arabic style instead of Chinese), and scrounged a large pillowy thing to prop up my broken foot.

All I need now is a little Vanhal music, and I’ll be ready to say “Let it snow”.

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