20 inches and still snowing

A brief peek out of the window tells me Chicago is closed.

The internet confirms it–school closings, road closings, and the usual hyperbole from the usual bunch of lightweights who freak out and run away at the first sign of a snowflake.  Yes, Lake Shore Drive is closed, but the other expressways are open.  Yes, there is snow, but it’s 19 degrees above zero, not 40 below like where I grew up. Yes, cars are getting stuck, and the side streets have not been plowed, but when I was a kid we walked to school through the snowbanks.  And we were told how soft we had it by our teachers and parents who could tell us exactly how many miles they walked to school through the snow when they were kids.

So now the dance begins.



2 Responses to “20 inches and still snowing”

  1. Canehan Says:

    Pity about your ankle, otherwise I’m sure you would be out on your cross-country skis, which we do here in London on the very rare occasions when the snow is adequate and crisp …
    Walk to school in snowdrifts ? We had to crawl on our hands and knees – backwards – you had it easy …

  2. Nijma Says:

    Hee hee.

    I’ve never skied, but back in Wobegon, we used to know a place out in the country where you could take a tobaggon. It was just a small hill with a barbed wire fence at the bottom, so that could get a bit tricky, but we did get airborne on occasion. My relatives with the cabin in Wisconsin go snowshoeing.

    These days I can only get up and down to my second flour apartment on hands and knees, backwards, AND UPSIDE DOWN.

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