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Free books online, Canahan’s true life Wikileaks prose, and virtual art museums.

Kindle for PC

You don’t need a Kindle anymore to read books in Kindle format. You can now download Kindle for PC at Amazon for free. You can also download free kindle books from Amazon.  (Search tips here.) Unfortunately, Amazon won’t let me download because it says I haven’t registered the software.

No problem.  You can also download free books from:

Project Gutenberg
Google Books
Internet Archive
Free Kindle Books has downloads listed by author.
Also try Poetry In Translation—I was able to download texts of some of Lorca’s lectures about writing and “duende”.
IRreaderReview has a huge list of resources, Kindle and otherwise.

I don’t really care for this Kindle format though, not sure why.  Maybe it’s the ten-inch screen I usually work with and the need for so much scrolling.

So then I tried…

Scanned books.

I see ( via Marginal Revolution) that:

The total literature of Iceland is under 50,000 books, which is easily scannable in 2 years by 12 people using the scribe scanners of the Internet Archive.  Indeed they might put it all on-line.

I also see that I can read a scanned version of a book at Hmmm, let’s check out camp Fu Fanchu author  Sax Rohmer….very nice, I haven’t read this one yet, …and it almost feels like you’re turning the pages of a book printed in 1921. I really hate reading Google books, but this I like. Surely there must be a way to download it to read offline, but I haven’t found it yet. (Wait. Yes. Click on it and you have the option to download as PDF…)

Wikileaks true adventure

Canahan has finally dug up the sample of exemplary Wikileaks prose that he talked about earlier, a US cable on a wedding in Dagestan:

Gadzhi’s Kaspiysk summer house is an enormous structure on the shore of the Caspian, essentially a huge circular reception room — much like a large restaurant — attached to a 40-meter high green airport tower on columns, accessible only by elevator, with a couple of bedrooms, a reception room, and a grotto whose glass floor was the roof of a huge fish tank.

This reads like a combination of James Bond and the Godfather. I can hardly wait for the movie. And think of the sequels….


Now you can walk through world-class virtual museums like the Uffizi in Florence and  London’s National Gallery at Art Project. “Walk around” the museum and zoom in on the artworks.

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