More “game over” signs

I was terribly excited last week when, on an impulse, I sent a photo of  Egyptian “game over” graffiti to Language Log,  and it was deemed interesting enough for a post.  After that, I started to see the phrase everywhere. [Image on right: “game over” sign montage from Tunisia and Egypt, via al-Jazeera]

After that, the phrase turned up on signs at protests in DC and in Chicago . The pre-printed signs in both cities looked very similar, as if they were from the same organized effort. Were the hand-written “game over” signs centrally planned?  There were demonstrations in several other U.S. cities as well, but I didn’t have time to look for the photos.

The “game over” meme also showed up in online titles.  Al-Jazeera had one “Game Over: First Tunisia now Egypt?“;  here are two more: “Game over: the chance for democracy in Egypt is lost,” and “Game Over.”

But my favorite Egyptian “game over” sign is from the Feb. 1 Jordan Times:

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