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How to order Indian food in Hindi. (via Organizations and Markets)

Which countries have the most dentists per capita? Look for the UK.

Average faces – select or upload faces to average  (thanks, read)

Coffee map of Ethiopia (thanks, Jake)

King Alfred’s Grammar Book (Jake again)

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The Best Banjo Player in Bangkok

“If wishes were horses we’d all be eating steak.”
Jayne Cobb

The Iowa Republican focus group Obama muslim video.  I count 26 people in this group of “Republican caucus voters”. The moderator asks how many people believe Obama is a Muslim and 6 people raise their hands.  Everyone looks around, then an additional 4 people raise their hands.  Let’s see, 10 out of 26 is about 38%, not even a majority.  So what is the title of the video?

Iowa Focus Group on Obama Agrees: He’s a Muslim

Ha, ha, ha.  38%.  “The group agrees.”  Ten out of twenty-six.  And four of them didn’t even know the answer until they looked around to see how many people had their hands up. That’s why I stopped reading political commentary.

BTW, if you ask that question in Jordan, I hear you get 100%. That’s because a person’s religion is supposed to be inherited from their father.  And that’s why Muslim men are allowed to marry outside their religion, but Muslim women are not.

Of course it doesn’t always work that way.  What really happens is that the bride’s family threatens to kill her, so it is the husband who ends up changing his religion, then the children are raised without any religious instruction.  (There is no civil marriage, it’s all done by the families.)

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