Yearning and Wrath: the weirdness of Saudi protest

Saudi Arabia is a conservative country that does not brook dissent.  Nevertheless, it has not escaped the rash of whatever-it-is that is now sweeping the Middle East.  There was a small protest on Thursday in the town of Awwamiya, near the Shi’ite centre of Qatif, resulting in the release of three shias, one a blogger, from jail. In Riyadh about 40 women staged a protest over jailed dissidents.

And now there is to be either a “revolution of yearning” on Friday, March 11  or a “day of wrath” on Sunday, March 13, (I have yet to see the promised Facebook links. ) I don’t know whether to seethe or sorrow, laugh or cry.

Then there’s this very strange video of protests in Jeddah.  The original video has been taken down and this one with drama music has been put up.  The protesters seem to wander in and out of traffic, blocking cars and shouting Allahu al-akbar (God is great). I can’t understand what else they are saying.

Once again, Jadaliyya has a levelheaded, if slightly dated, piece on the subject.

UPDATE: here is the Facebook page of the  الشعب يريد إصلاح النظام  (“the people want reform of the system”)

And here is a March 20 group. With English.  And a fist. Saudi Revolution 20 March – الثورة السعودية يوم 20 آذار More here.

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