A walk

Ordinarily, taking a walk isn’t particularly momentous.  But I haven’t been able to walk since before Christmas.

I am now allowed to put 50% of my weight on my foot, which means that the last few nights I have been bumping down the stairs on my butt, going outdoors, and walking a block or so with the walker. Now snow threatens so I was determined to walk several blocks to the dollar store, where pecan ice cream is four bucks instead of nearly seven bucks like in the local ma-and-pa groceries.  A noble cause.  Did I mention that ice cream has lots of nutritious calcium to heal broken bones?  A very noble cause.

There’s also a small problem, perhaps not solvable, but I’ll save that for the end.

First the stairs.  Backwards and upside down. Yes, it is day-glo lime green and no, I was not the one who painted it.

Now, outside.

“Sidewalk closed, use other side.”  The other, unclosed side is even worse. But  finally my Mecca comes into view and the ice cream is mine.  Also chocolate.

The sky is gray, the street is ugly, with its interminable sewer project, and the sun sets abruptly without colors. But after three months of looking out the window, I am outdoors and I am moving.

And so, to home. The lime green walls are strangely invigorating. Once inside my own door, the protective Hand Of Fatima, or maybe the eye of Fatima within the hand of Fatima, stands guard above the window, facing the door.

But now here’s the small problem. This is the brace I will probably have to wear for the next six months or so.  It’s an Active Ankle T1 and it fits inside the shoe under the liner. But you can see the mark it leaves on the foot after less than two hours.  And it took more than an hour to go away.  I’ve been through the fitting instructions and the videos on the manufacturers website and don’t have any more ideas. They do say you have to break it in.

BTW, the surgical incision on that side of the foot is more than 2 inches long and it hardly shows in this light.  I’m quite pleased.  I’ve been putting vitamin A oil on it.

Here are the accouterments from the physical therapist. The big yellow rubber band is for strenghthening exercises.  I have several colors for progressive resistance.   The foam with the holes is to put over the ankle bone between the foot and the brace.  There is a peel-off adhesive.  At first it helped, but in the long run, it just makes a new indentation, square with a round hole. The last item, the pinkish one,  is moleskin, a product much used by hiking boy scouts.  It is very good to put on reddened skin to prevent blisters.  You can see there is an adhesive side and a fuzzy side.  The adhesive goes directly on the skin, the fuzzy side absorbs the friction from the shoe and keeps the skin from rubbing back and forth, which is what causes the blister.  This was probably the most helpful product, but it does itch if it is left on overnight, especially right over the incision where I need it.  I can see a decreasing practicality if I have to wear this brace for several months. Perhaps I will be able to break it in…

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