Time to leave the blogosphere?

Getting busy. Things are happening too fast.  Maybe I’ll blog for 2 or 3 days more.

My first blog post was on Sunday, October 29, 2006 here:

2 Responses to “Time to leave the blogosphere?”

  1. catsden Says:

    I hope you will leave your blog up. I rarely have time to visit, but when I do I am always “enriched.” Even if you can not publish for now, please allow me the pleasure of finding my way back. Thank you.

  2. Nijma Says:

    Oh, of course, and thank you. When I went to the hospital and stopped blogging for a while, I just put a note on the front page and made my links page sticky. So if I stop blogging for good – and since my health is much improved, it’s 99% decided – I will just put up the link page again and take my email address out of the side bar.

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