Rumproast Wonkette Lurker Thread

Last week’s Weblog Awards voting frenzy is over, but apparently I’ve attracted attention on some blogs I don’t ordinarily read. The reason I know is that they make remarks about me on their blogs (but not remarks to me on the blogs where I comment) and sometimes they even send me emails. So if you’re one of the people who has commented about me, pasted remarks I made on another blog onto your own blog, emailed me with either lovemail or hatemail, or even just thought about the possibility of emailing me, here is your opportunity to say whatever it is you want to say.

For anyone who is not familiar with the earthshaking and intellectually stimulating commentary that goes on at these blogs, the last time I peeked in on them, they had posted a picture of a generic fat person and everyone was linking to it and making cutting remarks about the person’s weight. And no, I am not going to post a link.

FAQ:  Okay these aren’t necessarily real questions, (and they’re not necessarily not real questions), but they are questions you (or an anonymous secret person who may or may not have emailed me) might have asked if you had thought about asking them.

1. I sort of like you a little bit.
Thank you.

2. You are just like us.
No. I am just like me.

3. Can I make a comment on this thread?

Yes, that’s what it’s for. Questions are unmoderated, with no trigger words, but WordPress has a very aggressive new spam filter. For some reason I can’t figure out, genuine comments often go in the spam filter. WordPress claims their spam filter has the capacity to learn, but even my own remarks from the same IP always go in the spam filter if I am not signed in. I look in the spam filter about once a week. Okay, every day, as soon as I finish this syllabus project. If someone really want to have a discussion, I will really try to answer them.   Really.  I just don’t want to talk about some “issue” like whether myiq2xu is hawt, okay?

4. Can I use bad language in the comments?
Yes, but I will replace it with asterisks. I told WordPress this is a child-friendly site.

5. [X] person on [Y] website is not a nice person/said something I don’t agree with.
I don’t care.

6. Why don’t you come over and make comments on [X,Y, or Z] blog?
If you can make it worth my while, email me with the financial details.

7. Can we have a dialog?
For all you do, this thread’s for you.