Separating the Sheep from the Goats–the sheep get eaten, but not today

A friend of mine who likes to describe himself as a “born-again pagan” is fond of saying, “When they separate the sheep from the goats, the sheep get eaten.”

If you don’t recognize the biblical reference, I think it’s from Matthew. That was certainly a true culinary observation when I lived in the Middle East. I ate plenty of sheep, camel on rare occasions, and beef never, although I did see a few cows. I probably had a lot of cheese from goats, though, and once drank a warm lumpy milk from a goat–someone told me later the goat had probably just given birth and the first lumpy milk was considered a treat.

Today Pete’s Market, in six locations citywide, is offering “fresh assorted goat” for $1.89/a pound.

I wonder if this will precipitate some sort of crisis somewhere in New Testament Thought.