Barack Obama sends me a feedback form

A while back I signed up to receive emails from most of the candidates. Most have stopped sending me emails by now, as their campaigns closed down. This week however, I got an email from Barack Obama. So what did he say? The nomination is in his pocket? He has done the math and it all adds up?

No. He says, “This is a pivotal moment in the election..” And he says “We have three more contests to go, and we’re going to fight for every delegate….” And he sends me a donate button with a link to his donation machine–but all the candidates do that. Then he sent me a feedback form and and asked me to take a survey.

A while back the Clinton campaign sent me a survey. Very simple it was. Name, zip code, write what you want. And a link to their privacy policy so you know what they do with the information.

The Obama survey is three pages. First page: name, address, email, date of birth, occupation, gender, …if you don’t think that’s nosy, looks what else they want to know…

Are you registered to vote?

Politically, what do you consider yourself to be?

In the past, how have you voted?

How often do you attend religious services?

Those aren’t required fields, and they certainly aren’t questions I would answer without knowing who is going to have access to the information and what they are going to do with it–and why on earth they are asking for the information in the first place.

But what about it? Should I complete the form? And if I do, what should I tell them?

Advertisements endorses Obama, adds campaign vitriol to toolbar

The Democratic primary campaign has become increasingly vitriolic on both sides. This week the Obama surrogates managed to inject their venom into no less than the icon tables on’s “Write Post” toolbar.

If you have a WordPress blog, go to the “Write Post” function, then mouse over the extended functions icon that looks like a small keyboard. A small popup window displays the message:

Show/Hide Kitchen Sink (Alt+ Shift + Z)

In case anyone has NOT been following American politics, this “kitchen sink” meme is being used all over the internet by obamabots–individuals claiming to support Obama who write the same few slogans over and over again into comment sections of online political news stories.

The phrase did not appear at all on the Clinton campaign site–which should give you a clue.

Is this a reminder from for women to stay in the kitchen instead of running for public office?

The official Obama campaign website itself, which back in March had 593 references to “kitchen sink”–not to mention the “b-word”–on its pages, has been cleaned up. Now an advanced google search turns up no instances of that negative rhetoric on the official website.

But Obama’s surrogates have no such scruples about civility. They’re still using the same old poisonous, divisive campaign tactics-with a little help from WordPress.

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Some Campaign Gear for Election 2008

Finally I’ve added some links for t-shirts, bumper stickers, magnets and campaign buttons for candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to the sidebar.

Can you get thong underwear?  Yes, you can.

Barack Obama:

Buttons, Magnets, and Bumper Stickers


Hillary Clinton:

Buttons, Magnets, and Bumper Stickers



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Hillary Clinton for President Campaign Buttons, Magnets, and Bumper Stickers

Hillary Clinton Campaign Gear:

    NEW HILLARY ICON tees and a poster too

Here’s the iconic Hillary. To see everything that’s available with this design, check out the Hillary Icon shop.

You can get t-shirts, buttons, magnets, dog shirts, and yes, a 16 X 20 poster.
Hillary Clinton for President in 2008
Buttons, magnets, and bumper stickers:

Campaign Buttons and Magnets

(click image)


Car Bumper Stickers

(click image)

hillary-rectanular-bumper-sticker.jpgamerica-for-hillary-oval-bumper-sticker.jpghillary-for-america-car-sticker-rectangular.jpg Read the rest of this entry »

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Barack Obama for President in 2008 buttons, magnets and bumper stickers

Barack Obama Campaign Buttons and Magnets: (click picture)

Note: So sorry, but I am unable to edit the image links properly in Windows Vista since the last WordPress image program upgrade. Here are the links to the shops for the images pictured below:

Shop for Obama blue stars with red letters: (buttons and magnets)

obama-campaign-button.jpg obama-campaign-magnet.jpg barack-obama-mini-campaign-button.jpg

Shop for Obama blue whoosh: (buttons, magnets, bumper stickers, oval car stickers)

obama-whoosh-button-225-inch.jpg obama-whoosh-mini-button.jpg obama-whoosh-rectangle-magnet.jpgobama-whoosh-rectangle-magnet.jpgobama-blue-whoosh-oval-bumper-sticker.jpg

Shop for Obama blue ’08 on white background:

obama-08-blue-225-inch-button.jpgobama-08-blue-35-inch-button.jpgobama-08-blue-magnet.jpgobama-08-blue-mini-button.jpg obama-087-blue-rectangle-magnet.jpg obama-blue-rect-sitcker.jpg obama-08-oval-bumper-sticker.jpg

Barack Obama Bumper Stickers:

Oval bumper sticker with red lettering:


Red and blue bumper sticker with white stars and letters: