RumpRoast loses Hubcap

Tears rolled down my cheeks this morning as I read the obit of the Rumproast cat, Hubcap. The photogenic Hubcap had captured my imagination as a small fighter who in spite of her size, met life’s challenges with dignity, determination, and extended claws. Her character showed in her face, and even though I’m not an artist, I tried to capture her timeless spirit in a reworking of totalitarian art in the Shepard Fairey style.  Her owner Kevin seems to be one of the most laid back and least toxic of the rumproasters; perhaps it was the influence of this remarkable animal. Ah, well, Hubcap is with Ceiling Cat now.


One blogging community uses a single period by itself in obituary threads as shorthand for a moment of silence.

For Hubcap:

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Hubcap has a posse


Hupcap the Fighter: Small. Brave. Puma-hearted.

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