The Black and White Hillary Icon Poster

You’ve seen all the street poster art for Obama. Interesting stuff visually, even if you aren’t into Soviet-era and totalitarian propaganda art and the “Obey” posse trademark.

Well, I’ve decided it’s time for Hillary to get some of her own street cred.

So here’s the iconic Hillary. To see everything that’s available with this design, check out the Hillary Icon shop.

You can get t-shirts, buttons, magnets, dog shirts, and yes, a 16 X 20 poster, in case you want to go for a little stroll some night and decorate your home town. Google a good wheat paste recipe, and oh, yes, do be sure to check your local ordinances before putting up anything.

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Don’t call me Sweetie: t-shirts, buttons, and magnets

When journalist Peggy Agar asked presidential candidate Barack Obama what he was going to do about Michigan plants closing, his answer was “hold on one second, Sweetie”. She–and Michigan–are still waiting.

Dismissive or disrespectful?

The nation’s economy–and a professional journalist–both deserve a better answer than “don’t worry your pretty little head about it”.

No more “sweetie”.

You can call me “sweetie”…

when I can call you “boy”.

T-shirts, magnets, stickers, and buttons, that say “no dismissiveness” in no uncertain terms. Items have either a “No sweetie” symbol or a “You can call me ‘sweetie’ when I can call you ‘boy'” slogan.

Here’s the Geek design, the code for the end of a format:

The velvet hand in the iron glove–with hearts:

Or Goth–with skull and crossbones:

Or the international symbol–a circle with a red line through the word “sweetie”:

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Some Campaign Gear for Election 2008

Finally I’ve added some links for t-shirts, bumper stickers, magnets and campaign buttons for candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to the sidebar.

Can you get thong underwear?  Yes, you can.

Barack Obama:

Buttons, Magnets, and Bumper Stickers


Hillary Clinton:

Buttons, Magnets, and Bumper Stickers



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Barack Obama for President in 2008 buttons, magnets and bumper stickers

Barack Obama Campaign Buttons and Magnets: (click picture)

Note: So sorry, but I am unable to edit the image links properly in Windows Vista since the last WordPress image program upgrade. Here are the links to the shops for the images pictured below:

Shop for Obama blue stars with red letters: (buttons and magnets)

obama-campaign-button.jpg obama-campaign-magnet.jpg barack-obama-mini-campaign-button.jpg

Shop for Obama blue whoosh: (buttons, magnets, bumper stickers, oval car stickers)

obama-whoosh-button-225-inch.jpg obama-whoosh-mini-button.jpg obama-whoosh-rectangle-magnet.jpgobama-whoosh-rectangle-magnet.jpgobama-blue-whoosh-oval-bumper-sticker.jpg

Shop for Obama blue ’08 on white background:

obama-08-blue-225-inch-button.jpgobama-08-blue-35-inch-button.jpgobama-08-blue-magnet.jpgobama-08-blue-mini-button.jpg obama-087-blue-rectangle-magnet.jpg obama-blue-rect-sitcker.jpg obama-08-oval-bumper-sticker.jpg

Barack Obama Bumper Stickers:

Oval bumper sticker with red lettering:


Red and blue bumper sticker with white stars and letters: