On Chicago’s South Side, “You got a check comin.'”

I get all my best rumors from McDonald’s on the South Side of Chicago. Today I was drinking my coffee while at the table on the other side of the tray return area came the following conversation from a group of African Americans:

“I’m a Republican.”
“You shoulda voted Democrat, you’d have a check comin’.”
(The Republican leaves.)
“Whether he’s Republican or Democrat, he’s got a check comin’.”

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Florida Governor Crist takes slavery reparations public

The topic of reparations for slavery is about to go viral.

A few months ago, the only thing you heard about it was an occasional link at the bottom of a long thread of a political ticker blog–say, comment number 200 out of 350. Now, no less a public figure than Florida’s Republican Governor Charlie Crist has favored it. Reports the New York Times:

“And on Wednesday, Mr. Crist said he was open to evaluating whether broader reparations for slavery would be worth pursuing.”